How Much for a Business Website


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How much will my website cost?

I get asked all the time when I begin talking with clients about what needs to be done when creating or re-developing their website.

It's a great question, however one with honestly many moving parts. We understand that Joe the small business owner may not have wads of cash laying around to throw at an overhaul of his outdated website and that the money he may have is used in the most effective ways possible for the business to grow.

So to simply the question we'll breakdown what kind of website we are talking about to determine the average of what a website is really worth.

Web design costs vary dramatically from one designer to the other. Each having their own specialized skill set and experience on how to develop online strategies for the web.To sort through the field it really boils down to the value and role your website plays in your business and how much you are willing to pay.

Main Factors that will Affect Website Design Costs

1.) Components & Features

We're not necessarily talking about all the bells and whistles but the core functionality of the website and how complex it is. Never assume that the idea you have for your site is "simple" or may be cheaper than your designer's rate. As with anything somethings that appear simple are actually quite complicated, especially when it comes to the web.

Web Design is a craft, one that can only be improved by years of experience. The time involved in learning just one concept in the web is tremendous, not combine that with literally hundreds of ways to implement and build out a site it adds up and you can't put a value on real experience.

2.) How Skilled is Your Website Designer

Absolutely you can get a website built at a rock bottom price. No the quality will not be remotely close to that of a higher priced website and chances are 6 months down the road major changes will have to be made costing additional time and money. In my experience website designer who charge a higher rate typically provide expertise in many of the web fields that you will not find at the bargain bin rate, and in the majority of cases the benefits certainly outweigh the added costs.

Do they primarily focus on one-skill set? Back-end or front-end development, design and layout? Most website designers have a specialty they focus on and allow others to focus on the areas he/she does not. With so many moving parts the experience your web designer brings to the table ultimately affects the cost to work with him/her.

Business Website Design Costs

Having a website today, no matter how small your business is critical.Over 60% of internet users research products or services online BEFORE they make a decision. If your business does not have a website regardless of the number of employees you currently have then you are missing out and behind your competitors.

All that being said, having and outdated or just plain ugly website is not going to benefit either. We see many businesses actually lose customers (Conversions) simply because their website is hard to navigate, outdated, cluttered or not built effectively.

What does your website actually do for your business?

Is it an informational website with a contact form to gather leads? Do your customers make appointments? Are you selling a product or service on your website? Once it is determined what your website should be doing for your business we can then determine the average cost. A website with a contact form is going to be much less labor intensive than that of a full-fledged e-commerce shop.

Business owners tend to cringe at cost of a web design work and I think this is mainly due to the fact of the way they perceive their website. If you own a business your website is NOT an intangible thing. Your website is your employee. Working hard for you 24/7 365 days a year.

Your website is your most valuable asset. It never sleeps, eats and the only purpose it has is to talk to your customers and promote your business. Your website is your ideal salesperson. Knowing everything about your business, and can make the sales pitch perfect every single time.

Your website speaks to hundreds if not thousands of people everyday. Delivering your message to everyone who approaches. Your website is an employee who files no expense reports, and the best thing is when you want your website to do something you only need to tell it once.

The best part is the longer your website is working for you, the less he costs. Your most effective and least expensive marketing tool you have in your businesses arsenal.

What your website costs is not the most important part, what's important is the value your website and the impact it has on your business. A properly built out website can create a substantial cash flow, initial investments are minor in the scope of things.

What you should spend on your business website?


For your basic business website, typically having 10 pages or less and a contact form website costs will typically start around $1,500 and work their way up for a decent web designer.


For a bit more complex websites that may incorporate scheduling or integration with one of your businesses software you more commonly will find yourself into the $3,000 to $5,000 price range.


E-commerce websites are a different kind of animal. These kind of sites can include many options, integrations and number of products all play a role in the final cost of the build out. Typically landing in the $6,000 and up price ranges for web firms, however you may be lucky enough to get yours for a little less a smaller firm, freelance or contract designers.

Websites for businesses vary due to the complexity of the project. However for a professionally designed website with a little complexity I would expect to pay at least a few thousand dollars, if not more than that.

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