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Educational or Informational Website

Great! So you're looking at building an online space that can reach large audiences in order to get a message out, provide important information, promote a cause or even build around an interest or hobby? Informational websites come in a wide array of styles and flavors. No matter your strategy having a clean and easy to navigate and rank website is important to the success of your online brands.

What is an Informational Website?

Informational website(s) are websites designed and built with a purpose to provide detailed information about specific topics, such as science, economics, movies, hobbies & interests etc.

For informational business websites, however, the definition can be a little different. A business may create  a website that provides branded and customized information about the company and all related services & topics for customers, potential investors, and community members. An informational business website can also act as a sales tool to attract new visitors. Well built informational website(s) for businesses tend to catch a visitor’s attention in 5 seconds or less. It is just one of the reasons why original content and great design play key roles for such websites.

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How can we help you?

    Educational or Informational Website

    Why would a company need an informational website?

    A website often plays a critical role in the development of new leads. In today's market most everything that is purchased online is reviewed, during the "customer review" phase if your website is available, often they will compare, research and find as much information that is needed to re-enforce that making a specific purchase is the right decision and if your website is designed right can help you to nurture and build that relationship that ultimately becomes a sale, subscriber, lead etc.

    Could you benefit from an informational website?

    If you think your business covers at least three of those points, your operation could benefit greatly from having an informational website working for you. An informational website can be the most useful to businesses with a physical location –  cafés, restaurants, gyms, night clubs, and many others. Since most often the transaction for these type of services of such businesses (restaurants, gyms, etc) occurs at the physical location and not online an informational website can be a powerful tool for relationship building and ultimately converting visitors to paying customers. Information provided on a business website could help a lot of your potential customers make an educated decision once they arrive at your physical location while also reducing uncertainties at the point of sale.

    An informational website is also a great place to showcase awards and achievements that have been earned and is a simple way to build trust even before they step foot into your store.

    And there’s even more good news, setting up an informational website can often be setup quickly without too much overhead..