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The secret to implementing successful social media strategies is to have a well-formed game plan. Venturing out without a strategy will leave you with undesirable results and lack-luster performance reports. Before we set the plan, first we'll need to define what the goals are for your social media marketing, who your target audience is and ultimately what are they looking for. If you currently find difficulty in your current marketing execution and it has become extremely hard to reach your goals it may simply mean that we need to re-look at what is being done, re-imagine the plan and properly set up and configure the process that best suits you. So as businesses continue to grow and wish to level-up their marketing initiatives, developing a solid, result-driven social media marketing strategy that fits your image/style and brand(s) is an essential part to finding perpetual growth.

How do we create a successful social media strategy?

First we need to define our social media strategy along with our social media marketing plan. While they both do have a bit of crossover we cannot yet combine the two into one. This is because your marketing strategy is more about where you are headed online and the marketing plan is the steps you'll take in effort to reach those goals. Asking a few simple questions can get you headed down the right track of determining if a social media marketing strategy is right for you.

Why is it important my brand(s) are on social media?

What are your goals? Will social media help you to promote a product or service?

Will it drive traffic to one of your domains, or will it be leveraged to aid and assist your customers?

Common social media goals include

• Increasing brand awareness
• Provide traffic to your website
• Help to generate more leads
• Increase revenue via sales or subscribers
• Provide additional ways for online engagement
• Serve as a customer service location for your brand
• Increase mentions in the community & press
• Provide transparent conversations about your brand to better aid in optimizing growth

In our opinion, if you have a team in place all of these goals should at least be considered for your marketing tool-box as they each hold unique potential for continued improvement and online growth. If your teams have not yet been developed and your short on resources then focusing on a few will help you manage your time more effectively and not get overrun, as social media requires a bit of dedication, consistency and time to establish the flow of users engaging with your brand.

• Social media is gigantic as a whole but often segmented quite well, who is your target audience?
• Social media marketing revolves around sharing, what is it you'll be sharing?
• In what locations will you be sharing your content online?
• Like all things marketing we have peak times, they vary depending on industry and market, when and how often will you be sharing your content?

When creating your social media strategy it is also beneficial to incorporate both and overall social media strategy as well as a specific social media strategy. With many social platforms, each has large userbase however they can operate differently, engage differently. It's important that you set yourself up with a solid game plan can help you better dial in and produce the results you're looking for.

Figuring out your why's is a great first step in the process of creating effective social media strategies, the next step would be to define your target audience. a clear definition of your target audiences will allow us to answer the next questions:

• What social channel will we be sharing to?
• What is it we will share on social media?
• How often and at what times will we be sharing to social media?

If you happen to be an outdoor adventure brand, then showcasing great outdoor experiences and location may be an effective method of engaging new followers. Understanding your audience make marketing much more fun to create and easier to narrow down effective strategies.

A great exercise to try is to create a few example customer personas, not only defining who they are but what drives them, what are their interests and their most common motivating factors. Below is a short list of potential persona characteristics to build around.

Who are your customers?
What roles do they play in the community, gender, age, salary and locations all play significant roles in how we market effectively.

What are they interested in?
What do they crave, is it educational content, entertainment, case studies and data-driven analysis, product information etc.?

Where are they typically hanging out online?
What social channels hold the most of your customers, Instagram, twitter, YouTube or another niche community?

When are the most common times they are looking for your style of content online?
When are they active most often, the weekends, during the work week, is it while they commute?

Why are they consuming such content?
Are they seeking improvement, trying to become healthier, staying up to date, etc.?
How do they prefer to consume content? Are they reading, watching, listening, etc.?

The great news is often you will not have to start from scratch, there are plenty of ways to get real-world data from the billions of online users currently engaging with these platforms and existing brands. If your business has been operational for a while, you probably already have a general idea as to who your existing customers are and developing a strategy to better reach that audience or pivot to capture other audiences can prove beneficial.

In addition to customer personas, themes should also be discussed and developed. Social media marketing themes are how your brand engages online, will you be sharing videos, relevant information, products, experiences or even memes? A brand can leverage multiple themes and should in order to cast a wider net and engage with a more diverse audience, while also avoiding a bland or stagnant user experience. Engaging with customers online in different ways will also help to encourage those who do come along your brand reasons to potentially check back in or better yet enter into one of your marketing funnels.

With years of experience our marketing team and excellent content creators can develop strategies that best fit you individual goals, needs and budget.