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If you have a decent budget pay per click (PPC) marketing is the use of paid media to get your brand(s) products or services in front of the masses quickly by purchases ad space across the variety of channels and online platforms. Creating a campaign, selecting your desired audience demographic and configuring your ad accounts can get start-up or early businesses the traction they need to start cranking the wheels. The ad leader today would be Google AdWords but depending on where your customers are, social media networks, news/ retail outlets may be the preferred marketplaces.

With pay-per-click (PPC), you make bids against keywords that you want to have your ads display for. When a search term is entered that matches your key terms and you qualify as a top bidder for your ad & campaign, your ad triggers and is displayed prominently within SERP's or online channels. These ad spaces typically hold the prime real estate, even above the organic search results. When a user decides to click on your ad, then you pay for that click.

In a simpler sense you are not paying for "ad space" but your campaigns results. In addition when users click on your ad they are directed to a well-designed landing-page where they see a variety of call-to-actions (CTA) that converts from an online visitor to a subscriber, new lead or new customer.

On average businesses earn around $8 for every $1 spent on google ads. This means that with the roughly 60,000 searches performed every second, 2 trillion searches per year, it has become the go-to marketing platform for businesses PPC campaigns. This is also why the majority of businesses decide to leverage google ads with their marketing budget, it holds the potential for impressive ROI. If you decide to use alternative marketing platforms the number is closer to $2 for every dollar invested.

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Users that click on ads are 50% more likely to make that purchase than those that don't. Effectively building and maintaining PPC campaigns play a critical role in most organizations marketing budgets and an essential contributor to a successful internet marketing strategy.

Well what if my site already ranks well, can PPC help me anymore? Absolutely! Pay per click campaigns have the ability of not only building confidence but improving the optimizing of those campaigns. This is why SEO & PPC strategies often work well to achieve you online marketing objectives.

Is a PPC campaign the right online strategy for your business?
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There are many things to consider when entering the PPC market,
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For those of you looking to take that step and venture out into the world of pay per click advertising, a lot of thought and planning needs to go into setting up your account. Paid advertising is known for taking advantage of the uninformed customers.

Often times resulting in huge investments and relatively low return rates. Don't let that happen to you. Before you open your wallet, let us provide you with a game plan and show you the reasons why before you make the decision.

There are hundreds of options that you can take advantage of when it comes to paid advertisements, and making sure the right steps are taken will ensure a successful campaign and results you can see!

We have the experience managing both small and large accounts, and I can tell you first hand you don't want to enter PPC advertising blind. A properly setup campaign will lead to higher conversions and lower expenses.

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