Increasing Website Conversions

The Problem

Most business websites I have seen are setup to convey the image of the business itself, for years this has been the norm. I see this trend changing however, Focus on your customer, their needs and the reason they are on your website to begin with. By doing so you are not only conveying yourself as their solution but in a clear and concise manner without any confusion.

Your business solves a problem for your customer, and it’s our job to position it as the ideal solution. Whether you are selling shoes or commercial IT services, it is all relevant. Your consumer has a problem, they need an easy and justifiable solution. It is your job to guide them to where they need to go.

Simple squeeze pages are perfect for this application, a webpage with a little bit of information and only a few choices lets your visitor focus better and make quicker decisions instead of sifting through a lot of information.

The Solution

By providing your visitors with an easily distinguishable solution to their problem you will not only attain more visitors but also increase your conversions for more leads.