Conversion Rate Optimization

What is an online conversion?

So you have a website or channel and you are getting what you think is a good amount of traffic but are still scratching your head about you low sales or qualified leads you're getting? A conversion online is simply getting an online user to complete a given action online. This can be subscribing, purchasing, completing a contact form or an assortment of other actions that can be performed online. Often times the result of poor conversions signals a break somewhere throughout the customers journey. Maybe they don't have enough information yet and are still vetting potential options, possibly they are not convinced yet that your product / service is the right choice for them . No matter the reason, our job as online marketers are to build confidence in our products, and provide the vital information when customers are ready to consume it. Pressuring a sale or conversion will often lead to less conversions, so taking a step back and looking at the big picture can often identify weak points and will better allow you to develop a more effective strategy to reach the goals you seek.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is an ever important part of strategically marketing your brand online. In today's online environment that provides what seems to be an ever-growing variety choices and distractions, conversion rate optimization is the art and science behind capturing your online visitors’ attention, providing options and ultimately leading them closer to the desired objective. It’s  crucial marketing strategy, intended with the purpose of maximizing revenue, but it can also become a strategy that improves the overall user experience. Websites / online channels become more effective, delivering the information their customers are looking for all while making navigating a brand faster and easier. A page/ ad/ funnel is considered well optimized when a higher percentage of visitors “convert” or complete a desired goal.

Website conversion is a tricky business. But when done right, the advantages of CRO go well beyond improving simply your conversion rate. Exponential growth can be attained from businesses just entering a market or new product/ service offers. In addition conversion rate optimizations allows you to improve your website(s), maximize results of your ad campaigns and obtain well-filtered, high-quality leads that have greater possibilities of turning into your next customers. It is crucial for success when it comes to eCommerce websites, where competition is intense and ever-growing. Creating an enhanced user experience matters more than anywhere else on the web.