FAQ'S: Let's Simplify Online Marketing

Running a business is not always an easy feat to accomplish. It can get complicated and leave business owners confused, especially when it comes to online performance. We've put together a list of frequently asked questions that we will continue to update that addresses some of the more common questions we get when it comes to online development and marketing optimization.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Maybe you’ve heard the term before, often referred to as marketing funnels, this is primarily a term used to define a set course of desired actions for your online visitors. Marketing funnels tend to overlap with customer journey’s and provide actionable events throughout the online users experience with a brand.

These can vary in objective, length of run depending on the product or service and are most commonly implemented across multiple channels with a primary focus to bring online visitors back to a brand, product or offer. They play a key role into building effective user experiences, provide critical information and often times a well planned and executed marketing funnel can produce incredible results.

Content marketing is the process of curating digital assets and information in a way that, engages, informs, nurtures or converts online, this often includes multimedia such as podcasts or videos, infographics, blog or topic specific articles and plenty more. This content is aimed to provide value that the users can take away and is typically very specific in nature. The style of content that tends to perform best is when it’s not “sales oriented” but informative and of unique value.

One element of a successful marketing strategy is email marketing. It involves the use of emails educate, inform, nurture and ultimately convert online visitors into customers or clients. Often they are setup to inform subscribers about company news, limited time product offers, important updates, support, feedback and more. When email marketing is done effectively it is a powerful communication tool that can help build relationships, provoke engagement and welcome potential customers while increasing your sales efforts.

As an organization it is important to be found online, this can be achieved through many different platforms or even your own website. SEO applies to many online channels and is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization”.

It is the practice of developing part or the entirety of your online content, in ways that improves your brand(s) rank and position throughout Google’s search engine results and other media platforms. It’s the process of creating highly detailed and valuable information to your online visitors by leveraging content, structure and schema markup in ways that target search terms and ideas. Search Engine Optimization puts a primary focus on generating “organic” or non-paid traffic to a domain or online channel.

Social media marketing (SMM) is the use of social media websites and social networks to more effectively engage with their audiences while promoting a company’s products and services.”

Social marketing is the process of curating platform specific content for individual social media platforms in an effort to drive engagement, build brand awareness and promote an organization.”

The use of video production to better market, promote or position your brand or offering across digital channels. It is the process of utilizing video to educate, engage, inform, nurture or promote your brand to online visitors.