What is a website user experience audit?

Category: Website SEO Audit Service

A website experience audit takes an overall analysis for the feel and usability of your website. Items such as navigation and page layouts must be configured across multiple devices to ensure every user can access your content with ease. We all love an easy and enjoyable experience when going through our day-to-day routines, the online world is no different. User experience is a combined analysis of your website which can highlight pain points and suggest ways to better improve your visitors time while on-site. We’ll look at a number of factors including, content, navigation and bounce rates. These can pinpoint pages that are having the most success and also provide steps you can take to either create or improve other pages. Lower bounce rates are a good sign of a better user experience and a more dialed-in online marketing strategy. The longer you can get your visitors to engage with your brand, the lower the bounce rate and the better the performance will be.