Website Update / Redesign

Website Update / Redesign
June 1, 2015


UPDATE: Website Re-Design & Upgrade

We Brand Business is amazing in so many ways!

I had my website created and updated with them for years now. When I began my search for a marketing company that could hold my hand through the process I was shocked to find that every company I contacted told me everything I wanted to hear to try to get my business but after reading all their reviews found out once you sign you immediately become just a number. Also, most of the companies I found only offered a select number of services such as website design and online marketing but not SEO or print marketing. I was looking for a company that could take over all the aspect of my marketing needs and not worry about having 2-3 companies to deal with.

When I was referred to We Brand Business, I was pleasantly surprised by the personable treatment I received, I just had a good feeling about the company and the vast amount of services they offered was exactly what I needed. Once I committed to We Brand Business I can say without question they committed to me on a much higher level! They took my ideas and made them even better then I could have imagined. My website is absolutely gorgeous and within a matter of a few months I was not only number one in my state for organic listings but on the second page nationally.

I have worked with many marketing companies in my career but We Brand Business by far is the most professional, imaginative, reliable and most importantly cost effective in the industry, I could not recommend their services higher!